Shape M5


Samsung expands their multi-room Shape family with the new Shape M5. It is obviously smaller than M7 and packs three speakers instead of the M7s five. Other than that it can do exactly what the M7 can do. Compared to Sonos, this would be equivalent to the PLAY:3. Samsung has not announced the price yet.

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2 thoughts on “Shape M5”

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a wireless (wifi) speakers to build a home cinema with 4 separate wireless speakers and perhaps a sub. Can you recommend any wireless speakers (besides Sonos)? I’m looking for speakers who could connect in 5.1 system – offer a real surround. Thanks!

    1. I would check out Philips Fidelio E5. Or you will get great value for your money with a traditional receiver, like Onkyo, paired with a 5.1 speaker system. Then connect a Sonos, Chromecast, Shape or other to the receiver for playing music in a multiroom environment. You are more than welcome to report what setup you choose.

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