Mu-so with AirPlay and Spotify Connect

Mu-so is the first wireless music system from well known hi-fi manufacturer Naim. Mu-so is a standalone system that pack a lot of punch. With 450W it literally blows the competitors smaller stand alone speakers away, for a higher price.

Mu-so supports both AirPlay and Spotify Connect. And it dont stop there because Mu-so also supports Bluetooth, UPnP, USB, Optical input and internet radio stations. Which adds up to one of the broader platforms in the multi-room market.

mu-so_03_customisation_nogrilleSix 75 watt digital amplifiers deliver a total of 450 watts of power and a porting system moves large volumes of air with low turbulence for the bass. the audio brain of the system is a 32-bit digital signal processor. The touch panel control interface is illuminated around for feedback.

The system has an iPhone and an Android app that you can control volume, light settings, room modes, create playlists and activate multi-room with. AirPlay and Spotify Connect are used in their ordinary way.

It is interesting to compare Mu-so with Sonos because the two systems are each others opposites, in a good way, for both. Sonos has gone for massive support of services with their own software and Naim has instead broad support for standards like AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Bluetooth. So two different approaches to multi-rooming.

Naims offering would obviously be even better if they complemented the Mu-so with a smaller version and a dedicated non speaker player (like Sonos ZonePlayer). And Naim probably will. The price is around £895.

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