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Sonos expands its home theater offering with the new PLAYBASE that is meant to be placed below a TV as compared to the PLAYBAR that is meant to be placed on the wall below a TV or in front of its stand. It has the same functionality as its older sibling. Which includes the ability to be paired to a SUB and a pair of Play:1s to get real 5.1 home theater audio. It can play music on its own through the Sonos app and connects to a tv with optical input.

A difference is that it incorporates a woofer along with nine other speaker drivers. So Ten amplified speaker drivers in total. Six mid-range, three tweeters and one woofer. It has one ethernet port. PLAYBAR has two.

PLAYBASE securely supports TVs on top of it up to 77 lbs (35 kg).

Both PLAYBASE and PLAYBAR supports Speech Enhancement and Night Sound for optimal listening without disturbing the sleeping part of the family.

PLAYBASE will cost 699$ and be available in stores in April 2017.



PLAYBAR´s main purpose is to deliver high quality HIFI sound for the TV, instead of the TV speakers. Either you connect the TV to the PLAYBAR with the included optical wire

It can also be used as a standard Sonos unit that plays the usual Sonos music sources.

PLAYBAR consists of 9 amplified speakers. Six mid woofers and three tweeters.

It has an accelerometer to detect orientation and adjust EQ. Thus will a wall mounted PLAYBAR have more bass so low-frequency tones are reduced.

PLAYBAR decodes formats like Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM. It does not decode HD formats which cannot even be transferred to it due to the lack of an HDMI contact.

PLAYBAR has 3.0 audio on it´s own. It has 3.1 audio when paired with a SUB and 5.1 audio when paired with two PLAY:3s and a SUB.

You control it with the standard Sonos app or with the TV remote (it´s compatible with most IR-remotes).