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Stream music to existing Hi-Fi with the Pure Jongo A2


The Pure Jongo system will soon consist of three devices. This, the previously launched Jongo S3 and the upcoming Jongo T6.

With the new streaming adapter, Jongo A2, you can play music on your existing Hi-Fi-system.

You connect the adapter to the Hi-Fi system with SPDIF (digital optical or coaxial) or analog left and right connector.


The adapter is controlled with the Pure connect app on either iPhone or Android where you select the output zone (adapter) and the music source (local mp3s, internet radio stations or the Pure Music service).

The music is then sent to the streaming adapter by Wi-Fi. Music can also be sent to the adapter through Bluetooth and in that case the sources are pretty much all music on the device but Bluetooth has it´s range limits.

From a hardware functionality perspective, the Pure Jongo A2 is comparable to Sonos Connect that is 2.5 times more expensive. But the Pure Jongo system can’t compete with Sonos when it comes to software functionality. Sonos has for instance support for Spotify and many other third party services where Pure Jongo has support for its own streaming service and internet radio stations.

So if the requirements are limited to playing local network mp3:s, internet radio stations and Pure Music, it´s great. Otherwise, look at the options.

Pure Jongo

Jongo speakers

Pure has released the beginning of their new multi-room product line, Jongo. The first product out is the multi-room speaker S340B for 150£. Pure has a Sonos style approach where you use an iPhone or Android app to play music from online services, local network music and Internet radio. The online services part seems to be limited to their own Spotify style music service, Pure Music, which has a competitive price of 4.99£ per month. Pure Music seems to be limited to Europe and Australia for now. S340B has a built-in rechargeable battery pack that enables mobile use.

Jongo seems like a ambitions attempt to enter the multi-room arena. The basic building blocks is in place and it has a competitive price. Some things that would make it even better is:

  • Support for third party services like Pandora, Rdio and Spotify.
  • Pure Music in the USA.
  • A unit with digital out for integration with existing home audio systems.