Sonos plays local iOS music

With their latest firmware, Sonos has enabled the streaming of music stored on  an iOS device to the Sonos system. Locally stored  iTunes music is now a source among others that can be played on Sonos. The supported file types are MP3, AAC, and Apple Loss-less (M4A). AIFF is not supported at this time. iOS 6 is required.

Steps to get started:

  1. Update your Sonos software and your Sonos Controller Apps via the App Store to Sonos System Software 3.8.3
  2. Ensure your iPhone is on the home wireless network, then launch the Sonos Controller App.
  3. Go to the main music menu. You’ll now see all of your iOS devices’ music, playlists and podcasts all available as a music source under “This iPhone/This iPad/This iPod.”